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Oflficial Publication of the Nevada State Elks Association

    The Nevada Elks E-News is published three times annually - Spring Issue (March), Summer Issue (June), and Fall Issue (October) at P.O. Box 1388, Pahrump, Nevada 89041-1388 by the Nevada Elks Association Editorial Staff.

    The word "Elks" is a registered trademark of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the United States of America, a Fraternal Organization. E-Mail information for this publication comes from your Lodge CLMS Data. If you are not receiving the Nevada Elks E-News, contact your Lodge Secretary to insure your address is correct with the CLMS System. Your e-mail address can be added by using the "Subscribe" button below. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Ken Curto and his staff the Nevada Elks News had a very successful span. For the last eleven years the publication has been awarded either the Grand Lodge 4 Star or 5-Star Award. John Berg is now at the helm and will continue to carry on the publication of the new Nevada Elks E-News. Starting with the October 2010 issue the Nevada Elks News will no longer be mailed to Nevada Stray Elks. If, as a Stray Elk, you would care to recieve the Nevada Elks E-News please add your e-mail address to our circulation list by using the "Subscribe" button below.

Year Award Color Circ. Year Award Color Circ.
2000-2001 4-Star No 7,480 2001-2002 5-Star No 7,480
2002-2003 5-Star No 7,480 2003-2004 5-Star No 7,480
2004-2005 5-Star No 7,480 2005-2006 4-Star No 7,480
2006-2007 4-Star Yes 5,375 2007-2008 4-Star Yes 7,000
2008-2009 5-Star Yes 7,000 2009-2010 5-Start Yes 7,000
2010-2011 5-Star Yes 4,700 2011-2012 5-Star Yes 4,700

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For more information, contact Editor Kathy Hoss, 3086 Canyon Terrace Dr., Laughlin, NV 89029-0710
Home: (702) 299-0679, Cell: (702) 234-4807 or email: newsletter@nsea-elks.org